Craft Sprortswear


Craft Sportswear is a brand that originated in Sweden and was born out of a passion for athletic performance. Since 1973, when founder Anders Bengtsson perfected the first Nordic baselayer, Craft has been working alongside world-class athletes and everyday heroes to continually design, develop and manufacture cutting-edge apparel and accessories.

Craft's legacy is built on designing and producing technical garments that enhance athletic performance in Nordic climates. We share kindred climates and sporting cultures with Canada.

We embrace the challenges and celebrate the rewards of pushing the limits in dynamic climates. Our products are developed to inspire and encourage the desire to stay outside longer, train harder, and explore further in all four seasons.

Craft's persistent mindset, Nordic roots, commitment to the inspiring movement, and innovative experiences make it possible to break free from whatever is holding you back.


We inspire and enable athletic progress for world champions and everyday heroes.


Our challenge

Make a Swedish brand relevant to a Canadian market

Communicate the launch of new product verticals and their cross-over functionality

Do more than just sell. Given that this was Craft’s first time communicating directly to consumers, our goal was to build an emotive connection with customers as well as a transactional one

Don’t take away from those loyal retailers who have been selling Craft products for years. We had to ensure this site would further the vision, increase exposure and drive sales to smaller retailers across the county



Act as a storytelling outlet for both products and heritage

Cross Over Functionality
Showcase the flexibility of the Craft product in different sports, push sales into emerging verticals i.e cycling, and show-year round versatility

Canadian Identity
Add a Canadian flavour to the Craft brand and connect with a Canadian market

Drive Revenue
Provide a frictionless platform for Craft Canada’s online sales, support those loyal retailers who stocked the Craft apparel, and tap into the custom sublimation market


Our Solution

Enable & Inspire
Our goal was to reorganize the site structure to provide two primary paths into the site, organizing product and content to both inspire exploration and enable confident purchase decisions.

Facilitate quick understanding and selection of products beyond the basic size and colour. Provide context at all points along the path to purchase, allowing confident and joyful decisions.

Provide an exploratory path that welcomes and introduces visitors to the Craft brand and guides them through the site by presenting relevant (Canadian) stories and information at key moments along the way, always focusing on the ‘why’.





Since its launch, Craft has increased its sales month over month

The D2C experience has alleviated gaps in Craft's wholesale business which is typically seasonal

 Craft now engages an audience they could not have reached solely through their retail channel

A modern, welcoming experience that combines innovative products with storytelling and lifestyle photography, highlighting our Canadian values and Swedish heritage


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Craft Sportswear


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