IG Client Portal

Reimagine the self-serve CX

IG is a full-service investment firm whose advisors actively manage client accounts. This is the before and after.

IG_ClientPortal_SignIn_cerca2017 IG_ClientPortal_SignIn_original
IG_ClientPortal_AccountHoldings_cerca2017 IG_ClientPortal_AccountHoldings_original

Conceived in 2017, and launched in 2020, mobile in 2022 


The 2005 CX (see the 'before' above) had run its course.

In 2017, the internal strategy was not to replace the in-person contact, and this CX was not to be a direct investing platform.

Future Opportunities:

Over time Client Portal might evolve to let clients:

  • provide financial advice and tools,
  • contribute funds to their existing portfolio/plan,
  • shop/recommend products/services and apply,
  • opt-in to advisors assistance, as needed

Strategic Goals

Business & Business Drivers

Increase assets under management

Increase sales

Improve cross-sell & up-sell

Increase client retention & reduce churn

Reduce operational costs by optimizing marketing & advertising Costs

Brand & Client Experience

Improve brand image towards modern, digital, & differentiated

Increase brand loyalty

Reinforce our comprehensive financial planning discipline

Improve client satisfaction

Improve client-advisor relations

Client Portal 
Adoption & Usage

Increase awareness

Increase client adoption & registration -- eStatements

Increase usage & engagement by clients & advisors

Client Portal Measurement

Business Analytics & KPIs:
- assets deposited,
- lead generation,
- account applications

Client Experience Analytics & KPIs:
- registrations,
- unique users per month,
- advisor-client tenure

“You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.”

 ~ Steve Jobs

Customer & Competitive Research

What We Did 

Internal buy-in of product brief & business requirements related to CX

Completed competitive best practices & feature reviews for:

  • Canada vs. USA vs. Global,

  • Bank vs. Full-Service, and

  • Investment Firms vs. Direct Investing

Performed a detailed review and crafted UX direction for;

  • Best practices to implement ‘must-have’ features,

  • AEM integration feasibility,

  • Task & user flows, as well as

  • Site architecture & navigation

Dissected investor persona attitudes & behaviours studies from Forrester, Ipsos, and Vanguard. 

Performed a gap analysis client satisfaction study to fill in study data.

Conducted internal & external stakeholder interviews

Identified required segmentations data and built out internal target personas



The spectrum of personas


Details, and layout of each persona kit


Coming soon, explore the IG personas and process


Customer Journeys

Top-level moments in the customer journey, with the area of focus (MTM) identified


Example screenflow for registration with jobs-to-be-done


Coming soon, dig deeper into the journey mapping processes

UI & Design System

Customer Journeys

Styletile / moodboard of leading visual design treatment


Leading visual design treatment appiled to mobile screenflows


Internal prototype walkthrough of core flows


Director, UX

Client & Year

IG (Investors Group)


UX Direction & Process
Team Allocation & MGNT
Internal Stakeholder MGNT
User testing & research oversight